It can be hard to go to a rock concert without being surrounded by drugs and alcohol. You want to go to that concert to see and hear your favorite band, but you do not want this one concert to be a trigger to relapse. A father and daughter team decided to make it easier for those in recovery to be able to go to rock concerts and still be able to maintain their sobriety. 

The Start of Sober Spaces at Rock Concerts

In 1990, Duke Rumely would spent a lot of time at rock concerts as well as struggle with substance abuse. He wanted to give up drugs, but not his concerts. When he was on the way to a Grateful Dead show, he met a sober support group called The Wharf Rats. They were dedicated to The Grateful Dead and achieving a sober life. This group showed him that music is for everyone and that being in recovery should not stop you from enjoying a rock concert. 

Sober AF Entertainment

Thirty years later, Rumely’s daughter, Jordan, texts him that her friends all got high on ecstasy and that she is going to take an Uber home. Since Rumely knew they lived in a pro-drug area in Colorado, he was scared he would get a 911 call of his daughter overdosing. This was when him and his daughter’s nonprofit, Sober AF Entertainment, was born. Anywhere that drugs existed like concerts, sporting events, and music festivals would have sober spaces. As a college student, Jordan may not struggle with addiction, but her dad did and knew that college students love to party. 

Sober AF Events

Sober AF is designed to mimic events that people commonly go to but without the drugs and alcohol. So far, they plan to host a sober tailgate party for the Colorado Avalanche game inside the Pepsi Center with food, non-alcoholic drinks, and discounted seats for $23. After the game, there will be a Decadence New Year’s Eve party at the Colorado Convention Center with a sober support table until 3 a.m. While the 52 events that Sober AF has hosted have been sporting events, Rumely is hoping to expand to other types of events. The next step is to add software for anyone to host their own sober tailgate. Sober support groups are the first step to ensuring that you can have good sober fun.

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