Understandably, most people are not waiting eagerly to show off their less-than-stellar artistic abilities. Still, during times of anxiety and depression, art can be used as a coping mechanism. While art won’t necessarily overcome these episodes, it can provide us with a way of expressing them.  


“Doing art” does not necessarily mean that one has to sit down with a pen and paper and try to do a self-portrait, though that certainly can be a part of it. Instead, art is flexible by nature and can include anything from drawing and painting to poetry, long and short-form fiction, or even just standing somewhere and screaming for a while. Art lends itself to the expression of whatever feeling is already present. It is not necessarily solving anxiety, just directing it outward. 


Because of this direction, art should not be looked at through a product-based lens. The idea of seeing a vision take physical form and the accomplishment that comes with it is powerful. Still, this is not the total sum of what art can provide. There is no need to display one’s work. In fact, nothing is stopping you from absolutely ripping your own work to shreds if you want. To do what one will with the work created is its own freedom. You can use that freedom to exercise full agency over the raw emotions now laying present.


That pure expression is the idea of using art as a coping mechanism, not the end product. Seeking out an answer to “beating” anxiety and depression can be an exhausting exercise in futility. Instead, find a place to express and process emotions as the first step on the path to healing. The process is essential as it can become reflective of the journey itself. Recovery, after all, is a haphazard paint splatter with rips and tears.   


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