Traditional cigarettes are used by more than 34 million Americans – and tobacco continues to remain a staple addiction amongst those recovering from other substances. The rise of e-cigarettes, a battery powered device that converts liquid nicotine into a mist or vapor to be inhaled], has been deemed as a healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes because they claim to have less chemicals than traditional cigarettes.

In fact, many Americans are utilizing e-cigarettes as a way to either quit smoking tobacco or as an option that is less noticeable and can be used more conveniently (such as inside at work, because there is no harsh tobacco smoke that comes from it). For individuals who aren’t quite ready to give up tobacco yet, the question remains: Which is better: traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes?

A few years ago, Harvard Medical School explored this topic; John Ross, MD and contributing editor, explained that e-cigarettes are less lethal than traditional cigarettes by a landslide. The most beneficial aspects of e-cigarettes are that they don’t produce that tar or toxic gases found in traditional cigarettes, but studies are conflicted as to whether or not they really help people reduce their overall nicotine use – in fact, some studies show that it may increase a person’s nicotine use over time. Furthermore, e-cigarettes are still associated with negative health consequences, such as:

  •    Insulin resistence
  •    Type 2 diabetes
  •    Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  •    Risk of addiction to other drugs
  •    And more

If e-cigarettes are chosen, it’s important to be careful of not only one’s health consequences but just how effective this option is in helping a person quit nicotine use altogether.

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