Can sharing about a mental health disorder bring people together? There is one group on social media where it seems to be working. People are getting together and sharing their “depression meals” on Facebook. A depression meal is a combination of comfort foods for those who do not have the energy to cook a meal. Examples can be microwave mac and cheese with a side of raw cucumber or even ten slices of toast and jam. Those struggling with depression have been posting their depression meals on a Facebook group where members share a common bond in depression and feel they are no longer alone.


Depression Meals: Gone Wild Group


The Facebook group “Depression Meals: Gone Wild” was made in 2017 by political commentator Richard Medhurst and is now run by a small modulator team. These modulators make content that helps people realize that everyone in the group struggles with eating and depression. People in the group have reported that they post their “chaotic” depression meals with the most bizarre combinations, like scrambled eggs with Oreos, whenever they are particularly struggling with their mental health. Others who see these posts comment and bring about a dialogue of sympathies for the author’s situation and recipe suggestions. 


How Depression Affects Our Diet


The hormonal imbalance caused by depression can cause a change in appetite and deplete our energy, affecting our eating habits. Because our bodies feel overwhelmed with instability caused by our hormones, our minds and bodies will want to find something accessible to bring us joy. Some people turn to food to acquire that dopamine rush their body has been craving. While “depression meal” posts provide humor in the serious situation of mental health, they may also be considered a cry for help.


The Benefits of Having These Mental Health Groups


Sharing a meal that you created with many people going through the same thing can help reduce the shame and stigma of mental health. This group can help reframe depression meals as acts of self-care. While Facebook groups like “Depression Meals: Gone Wild” cannot replace the long-term effects of therapy and medication management, these depression meal posts can be a lifeline in the short term.


Depression can change the way you eat when you do not have the energy to search for nutritious foods or cook a meal. The Facebook group “Depression Meals: Gone Wild” has encouraged people with depression to post the combination meals they have made and create a dialogue about the problem and generate compassion from other members. At Alta Loma, we understand how depression can influence your eating habits, and we are here to help you. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can offer you individualized therapy, life, and coping skills education, nutritional support and individual meal plans, and more. Call (866) 457-3843 for more information.