If you’ve been looking into treatment options or heard stories from others in recovery, you may have heard about group therapy. Many recovery programs include speaking with a therapist in what’s called psychotherapy or talk therapy. Psychotherapy is an excellent way for you to explore a number of issues pertaining to your life, even if it doesn’t necessarily relate to addiction. Group therapy is often an extension of psychotherapy and allows individuals to learn about others while also expressing their own thoughts and feeling for ultimate group learning and healing.
Group therapy can present many benefits, such as:

  • Building a strong connection with others in the group as you learn
  • Gaining a new sense of perspective over lessons learned
  • Recognizing that you’re not alone in this journey
  • Learning effective strategies for interpersonal communication

Of course, there are also moments when group therapy can become very challenging, and this is when you need to speak with the director to discover the next appropriate step:

  • You or someone in your group is becoming hostile or is acting out in a sexual manner.
  • You have stopped participating in the group altogether
  • You don’t feel comfortable speaking up because you don’t feel you have a great relationship with the group therapist
  • You or someone in the group is trying to turn group members against one particular person, by making negative remarks

You’ve been arguing with your group therapist – or another person in the group – because of differing views
Communication is central to developing a treatment program that truly suits your needs, so it’s important that you express, in a respectful manner, how you’ve been feeling. Keep note of the instances that have been occurring so that you can address this with the director. The ultimate goal is to help you feel as successful as possible in recovery.
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