People may think that being a millennial is easy because they were born in the world of technology. The truth is that every generation faces their own worries that keep them up at night. According to a number of therapists, millennials face the fears of their future and the world around them.

Failure to Reach Milestones 

Psychologist Aimee Daramus believes that because the economy is much tighter than during our parent’s time, graduating on time, getting a promotion, finding someone to marry, and having kids while you are young enough to have them is too tough. If they feel like they have not accomplished those milestones, they think there is something wrong with them. It could be because of social media when people post pictures of themselves with their kids or brag about the new, exciting jobs they have acquired. Remember that it is important to come up with your own schedule and your own timeline to acquire milestones instead of following everyone else’s. 

Dying Alone

Another worry is about if millennials will ever find a life partner. No one wants to die alone but rather they do want to ensure there is someone to keep them company when growing old. While we do have dating apps now, they are not always reliable when it comes to romance. It is important that when it comes to finding someone to establish boundaries. Think of the type of person you want to surround yourself with in the long-term, and be clear on what you want and need in a relationship. 

Politics and the World

Millennials watch the news and feel powerless to help. They have worries about climate change or the state of our government and want things to change but do not know how. Instead of focusing so much on these fears, they need to limit their access to social media or the news if this sadness is taking over your life. You can still take immediate action to make a change in your own life like voting, recycling, community service, etc.

Job and Financial Security

Millennials deal with low entry-level salaries, large student debt, and never making enough to be financially comfortable. Speak to a therapist or a mentor to find the underlying issues of your financial dilemmas. Make a major goal and smaller goals to get there. By speaking to someone about your fears, you will realize that they all have solutions. 

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