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When the decision is made to abandon drug use through outpatient rehabilitation, it is common to think about the benefits and disadvantages that this process may have. The patient may have legitimate doubts since he or she will be undergoing a treatment that involves a total change in his or her life, as he or she will be shedding habits and customs that have affected his or her mental and emotional stability.

However, clinical rehabilitation is the best way to achieve detoxification without facing so many adverse effects. There is a misconception that abstinence by shock or the sudden and definitive cessation of substance use can work without generating collateral damage in a former substance or drug user.

An abstinence process without medical assistance can cause damage such as tension problems, dizziness, severe headaches or even death. This happens because the body, specifically the central nervous system, is subjected to an abrupt change. Generally, clinical treatments involve the intake of medications that lead to a better coping with the withdrawal treatment. Adverse reactions may occur at the beginning but not as serious as doing it voluntarily and without specialized help.

At BeWell Recovery, we are ready to be the place where you or your addicted family member can get your life back on track and find a new dawn. We are one of the best treatment centers in Los Angeles specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, among others. Call us at 866-317-8395 or contact us through our email [email protected].

What are the consequences of going to rehab?

One of the first consequences of undergoing a total withdrawal from substance abuse through a stay in an addiction treatment center is that of isolation. The person may experience periods of nervousness or anxiety since he/she will not be in the environment where he/she was for so many years and accustomed his/her mind to live. It is expected that this is only an effect of the beginning of the therapies, since as progress is made and positive results are seen in the patient, the feelings of strangeness or nerves will fade away.

On the other hand, as we mentioned at the beginning of our text, abstinence or absence of consumption of substances to which the patient was addicted can generate side effects. People addicted for long periods may begin to feel dizziness, vomiting, loss of appetite, tachycardia or anxiety, since their body is getting used to the habit of not doing without a drug, medication or alcohol in order to feel relaxation or enjoyment, a sober life is beginning and it is for the benefit of the patient and the objective of healing.

Benefits of rehab

Rehabilitation is the best option and decision that a person who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol has been able to make. In addition to seeking to heal and get rid of any vice that has mistreated their body and degraded their physical appearance, they will be giving themselves a second chance in their life to rebuild it and start over.

Most people who have been admitted to an addiction treatment center attest that they managed to move forward and see an improvement in their lives. Redesigning their habits and customs, improving their interpersonal relationships, discovering some virtue or skill, overcoming traumas that led them to become addicted or being part of their community again are some of the many benefits that rehabilitation offers.

A rehabilitated person is someone who has found his or her true self again. It is someone who has dared to change and improve. Rehabilitation can be a complex path, but it is the best one. Give us a call at 866-317-8395 to know more about our plans.

Drug Rehab Los Angeles

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