Going to the doctor can lead you with heavy anxiety symptoms like sweating, racing heart, and high blood pressure known as white coat syndrome. The longer you wait in that waiting room, the higher the chances can be that someone with anxiety avoids or delays the appointment out of fear. By having someone come with you to the appointment and being open with your doctor, it will make going to these appointments easier.

Causes for Doctor’s Office Anxiety

There are a lot of reasons why someone with anxiety would be scared to visit the doctor. It could be because they experience a loss of control. Doctors will be examining you and using tools to check how you are with some of them being painful. Since all of this is being done to you, you do not know what to expect all of the time or what the results will be. You may also have personal space issues or have trouble trusting your doctor. 

Find a Distraction

The first way to overcome your anxiety at the doctor’s office is by finding a distraction. Just waiting there at the doctor’s office will cause you to think only about the appointment. Bring a puzzle that you can work on or listen to the music of your favorite band. Some doctor’s offices even have televisions that show entertaining or educational programs to take your mind off things.

Bring Someone with You

Having a familiar face with you can help relieve some stress. In the waiting room, find something to talk about with your friend or relative and find ways to make each other laugh. You can also bring your loved one in with you during the appointment to hold your hand or ask your doctor questions for clarification. They can be great sources of comfort when you need it.

Deep Breathing

Anxious can cause you to breathe too fast which will increase your heart rate. If you do not do anything about it, it can lead to a panic attack. Try inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose. Exhale slowly through your mouth with a relaxed jaw. Try doing this a few times unless you feel less tense. You can also listen to meditation tapes in the waiting room before your name is called to put you in a better headspace. Relaxation methods and bringing a friend will make fearless during these doctor appointments. 

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