When a person experiences two conditions occurring simultaneously, they’re battling a co-occurring disorder – also known as co-morbidity or dual diagnosis. The treatment for this can be complex because there are two sets of symptoms at play – and in some cases, the symptoms may overlap. Many people find that their conditions are difficult to diagnose strictly because of this overlapping involved, and that’s why specialized treatment is required. If you or a loved one are struggling with a co-occurring disorder, the pathway to recovery may seem uphill – but healing is possible.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Dual Diagnosis explored the lived experiences of those in dual diagnosis recovery; a total of 177 people participated in the study and had been diagnosed as having two of the following:

  •    Schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder
  •    Bipolar I/II disorder
  •    Affective psychosis
  •    Substance use disorder (SUD)

Participants mentioned several pathways that helped them recover, including formalized treatment, social support groups, sobriety and more. For these individuals, recovery was a path towards increased self-confidence in both who they are as people and how they navigate their journey to healing, improved functioning and greater sense of personal growth, and enhanced motivation for building the life they’d always wanted. Support is such a crucial component of healing, and having not only help from friends and family – but the nonjudgmental support of a healthcare team – can yield great benefits for people who are ready to make positive changes in their life.

Henry David Thoreau once stated, “Not until we are lost we begin to find ourselves.”

Recovery is a lifetime process but it’s one that’s necessary in order for us to live our best lives. If you’re ready to seek help and take some proactive measures towards your holistic health, speak with a professional from Alta Loma today.

If you’re ready to begin taking great strides towards your health and wellbeing, speak with a professional from Alta Loma today. Mental illness should be taken seriously and, if not treated early on, more severe conditions can arise. The best way to promote happiness and health is to seek help – and to begin using effective interventions for treating the problematic symptoms a person is experiencing. Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need. Please call Alta Loma today – and you’ll be surrounded by a healthcare team who truly cares about your recovery. 866-457-3843.