Frontline workers are dealing with many stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be anything from contracting the virus to concerns for their families or grief over watching their patients die. By redesigning your hospital’s surroundings, you can feel more comfortable at work and ease your anxiety and depression.

How Can the Breakroom Be Redesigned?

Taking breaks can be very productive and prevent burnout. Still, many healthcare workers do not feel like a break is essential during a pandemic. We need to make sure that breaks are taken in a setting that promotes support and restoration.

You can do this by adding real or stimulated green plants to the room to boost resilience and cognition. It also helps if your room’s window faces a garden, trees, or other green spaces. You may consider adding artwork or wall graphics of a forest, countryside, or green lawn to bring you back to a time when you were in tune with nature.

How Can You Redesign Corridor Spaces?

Corridors and alcoves have the potential to decrease stress and improve wellness. Underused areas along a nurse’s route or a physician’s daily rounds can be improved by adding in soft-cushioned chairs and seating booths for resting. A comfortable couch and views to the outdoors can make you feel peaceful. Having a whiteboard inside can help inspire you to jot down your ideas and collaborate with your colleagues. Having a place to be at one with your thoughts can make a huge difference in your job performance.

How Can You Provide Areas for Exercise?

Movement and fitness can help improve your memory, boost your mood, enhance cognitive function, and improve your life. On your break, you can take a walk in nature and look at the green plants outside. All of the pent-up stress you are experiencing can finally be released by nature’s calming effects.

Outdoor gardens can also provide you with exercise if you enjoy taking walks. Healthcare workers are the heroes we need right now to care for those who have contracted the virus. By changing your surroundings while at work, you can go to work feeling confident and at ease.

Healthcare workers need all of the mental health support possible to be able to function at work. At Alta Loma’s treatment facility, you can learn how to channel your anxiety through individualized therapy, recreational activities, mindfulness, life skills classes, and more. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.