When we talk about quality of life (QOL), we’re talking about an important aspect of addiction recovery because over time, you’re going to want to build a life that is conducive to your happiness and health. You’ll often hear people talk about QOL if they are in the field of psychology, but it’s also important to note that each person can have a high quality of poor quality of life, depending on the actions they take on a daily basis. If you’re currently in recovery for an addiction and/or mental illness, now is the time to really focus on your own QOL. At this time, you are at a perfect juncture in life to start working on your wellbeing. It all starts with you, and today.

If you were to ask a group of people what QOL means to them, you may find that the definition changes over time. This is because each person may have their own unique needs and desires from their own lives that contribute towards their happiness. Now is the time to think about what factors could really aid in your QOL. Take a look at the list below and consider the following factors that you might want to incorporate into enhancing your own personal QOL:

  • Physical health
  • Family
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Wealth
  • Safety
  • Security of freedom
  • Religious beliefs
  • Environmental actions

Recovery is an excellent time to start thinking about all of this and what you need to do to maximize your QOL. Of course, it’s going to take you some time – and, for many people, a lifetime – to build a successful portfolio of factors that really make you feel safe and content with the life you’re leading. It will take trial and error, as well as plenty of support to get you there, but it’s worth it.

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