You would think that once your wedding is over that you should be relieved. Your wedding planning days are over, you do not have to worry about fitting into your dress, and you can just enjoy time with your spouse. But, there is also post-wedding blues you can experience when you will not be as close to your friends and family and will be going through new changes with unexpected results.

What are Post-Wedding Blues?

Post-wedding blues is when couples feel a bit depressed when the wedding planning is over. Wedding planning gave you something to do every day and it felt fun to do knowing that one of the most important days of your life is coming around the corner. Now that the wedding over, you have no idea what else is to come after the honeymoon and are scared of the challenges you may face.

Why Do Couples Experience Post-Wedding Blues?

It is possible you are feeling low after your wedding because you liked the attention of being engaged. You loved people being happy for you and planning a day that you would never forget. You could also not be looking forward to planning those big decisions like finding a new job, getting a new house, or finding a school if you already have children. When the honeymoon is over, it is time to face those big, stressful situations whether you want to or not. You know you are experiencing post-wedding blues if you are experiencing feelings of boredom, loneliness, isolation, and sadness.

How Do You Deal With Post-Wedding Blues?

You should first start to recognize that a wedding is a one-day event. Marriage is supposed to be for life. Start talking to your spouse about what is to happen after the honeymoon. Think about what married life will mean and what your expectations are for your lifestyles. Marriage can have its fun moments as well like decorating your house or planning a trip or a date. You should also be open to seeing a marriage counselor even before the wedding so that you can face any problems the two of you have with communication and handling disappointments going forward. Remember to keep your relationship fresh with each other and to do things for each other no matter how many years later. Marriage is a new adventure that you can share with your spouse.

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