Purdue Pharma has been forced to make up a lot of damage since mislabeling their product, OxyContin, as non-addictive. They helped contribute to the opioid crisis, which has included more than 700,000 deaths since 1999. Now, people who fell victim to Purdue Pharma can get control back by filing a claim against them.

What is Happening with the Bankruptcy Case of Purdue Pharma?

Recently, the federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy case set a June 30 deadline to file a claim against Purdue Pharma. This includes governments, hospitals, and people who have personal injury claims. Once a settlement and restructuring plan for Purdue Pharma is approved, the next step will be to divide the company’s assets. The claims would be open to people who were harmed by Purdue’s products. 

Who is an Example of Someone Filing a Claim?

Dede Yoder of Norwalk, Connecticut, plans to file a claim. Her son was prescribed a 30-day supply of painkillers, including OxyContin, during a series of surgeries when he was a teenager. He died at the age of 21 in 2017 of a heroin overdose after years of rehab and relapses. Since she spent her $200,000 retirement fund on rehab and doctors, she would like to get her retirement back. 

How Will Publicity for the Claims Be Accomplished?

Notices for claim deadlines are usually made in ads in publications or letters sent to people who might be eligible to file for a claim. Purdue’s case is different because a lot of people can file legal damages against the company. Purdue plans to spend $23.8 million to advertise the claim-filing deadline. The campaign is intended to reach 95% of adults with ads in the newspaper, movie theaters, and Facebook. The budget also includes hiring a public relations firm to encourage news outlets to report on the deadline. 

How Were Victims Able to Push the Publicity?

33-year-old Garrett Hade has been sober for nearly five years after his struggles with addiction that started with OxyContin. He said he would donate any money he receives from Purdue. As an organizer with the Recovery Advocacy Project, Hade is spreading the word about victims being able to make claims against Purdue Pharma. By filing claims against Purdue Pharma, victims who have struggled with opioid misuse or lost someone to opioid addiction can get the money they lost back.

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