Mental health issues affect hundreds of millions of people around the world, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Even if you have received plenty of help with treatment, you may want some additional support when you come home that is accessible to you. Luckily, technological innovations are available to connect with a therapist, track moods, manage symptoms, and stick to treatments. 


Mental Health Apps


Apps have made their way towards the world of mental health. Some apps are targeted towards specific conditions like anxiety, schizophrenia, or depression — these help manage symptoms, track moods, or help individuals stick with treatments. Other apps can help you with managing stress, coping techniques, and practicing mindfulness. You are free to be anonymous within these apps, and you do not have to spend much money on them. 


Video and Text Therapy


Depending on where you live, there may not always be a mental health specialist available to treat your condition. Online or mobile therapy can make therapy more accessible right on your computer or phone. Some therapists even allow you to text them with unlimited messages through their phones with a flat monthly fee. Video or text therapy can be suitable for people who may not have the time to attend an in-person therapy appointment or do not want anyone to know they are attending therapy. 


Behavioral Trackers


Researchers have created mobile technology to detect suicidal tendencies, manic episodes, or depressive moods before they happen. For example, the app Mindstrong can detect your stress level based on a person’s typing speed; if they type too fast, their syntax changes. If they are impulsively shopping, it could be that they are experiencing mania. Not responding to texts from family members and friends could mean they are depressed. All of this information put together can make this app personalized to connect you to the right specialist. While the technology is not yet perfect, apps like these can give you an idea of what mental health disorder you may be struggling with. Mental health technology can be a powerful tool to use when you come home from treatment and need additional resources.


Technological mental health tools can be a great way to receive that extra help when you come home from treatment. Some apps can act as behavioral trackers and connect you with the right therapist for your condition. You can also speak to a therapist through video chat and texts. At Alta Loma, we understand the importance of having an optimal amount of care. We can provide you with the best care at our transformative treatment center located in Georgetown, Texas, where we offer individualized therapy, coping skills education, and more. Please call (866) 457-3843 for more information.