There are tournament streaming sites like Twitch where you can win prize money up to $200 million playing eSports. In order to be focused and continue playing, people tend to take Adderall and Ritalin. It is important for these streaming sites to pay attention to the lack of sleep these players are experiencing to protect their mental health.

Why are Online Players Taking Adderall and Ritalin?

Players believe that Adderall and Ritalin will help them focus on the game more than before and do a better job. It can also help them stay awake for a long time which is important if you think the longer you play, the longer your chances of success will be.

Who is an Example of a Player Who Did Not Take Care of Herself Playing?

Professional eSports player and cofounder of Learn2Play, Elena Urusova, was training at all hours for one tournament for four months with no breaks. Because of her strong urge to win, Urusova only slept for four hours a day. She realized that playing every hour of the day did not help her win because she was experiencing burnout. Being burnt out can lead you to lack the motivation to keep playing. 

What is Twitch Doing About the Mental Health of the Players?

Twitch works one on one with the players to ensure they have access to mental health resources if they need help. Twitch also provides online resources like a blog post that has five mental health tips for content creators and a help page of mental health support and information. This problem gets very complicated when companies continue to grow and more players experience the long-term effects of these pills. 

It is important to remember that anything that requires having a good performance means you need to eat a balanced diet and sleep for seven to eight hours. Everyone can use a healthy break in between training for a tournament to better energize yourself. Pills like Adderall and Ritalin can lead to a dependency where you feel like you cannot function without them for anything important like staying up late or studying. It is never too late to seek help before your mental health worsens. Because of the issues of addiction and burnout are becoming more common and serious now, Twitch and other companies are going to have to find more strategies to protect the mental health of its players.

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