With more businesses starting to open up, your days of staying at home may end. It is understandable if your anxiety levels skyrocket at the idea of going back to work while there is still an ongoing pandemic. While returning to work may make you feel anxious, you can take some safety precautions for your safety and others’ safety.

Why Would You Feel Anxiety About Returning Back to Work?

At work, you’re surrounded by all kinds of people, and you might worry about exposure to the virus. When you walk back into work, you may not even recognize your office. Things have likely been moved around for people to stay six feet apart from each other. Everyone around you may be wearing masks or not wearing them correctly.

These masks may make it hard to read facial cues, as everyone’s faces are covered. Your coworkers may not act responsibly when it comes to their own hygiene. As always, it is your role to be an example and follow the protocols even if others are not.

What Should You Do If You Feel Anxious Returning Back to Work?

When you go to work, there may be training sessions about your company’s new changes. See for yourself if your company is taking enough safety precautions. Have they separated work areas so that all employees are six feet apart? Are masks required? Are temperatures being taken before your shift starts?

If you feel like there are not enough safety provisions in place or you would only like to work a few days a week to limit the risk of exposure, speak to your boss about it. Under the American Disabilities Act, you have the right to work at home if you have pre-existing conditions that can make you vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

Acknowledge your anxiety about returning to work instead of trying to deny it. Your fears are valid, and many people are in your shoes right now. If you feel anxiety about wearing a mask, remember that it helps protect you from contracting or spreading the virus. Make sure to change your clothes and shower when you get home. Knowing you are doing what you can to protect yourself against the virus will ease your anxiety.

COVID-19 is a difficult time for everyone with uncertainties leading to anxiety. At Alta Loma, you can learn how to treat your anxiety and return to work through individualized therapy, recreational activities, life skills classes, medication management, and more. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.