Re-entry anxiety is one of the biggest concerns as society emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. An article published by the American Psychological Association titled “One Year On: Unhealthy Weight Gains, Increased Drinking Reported by Americans Coping With Pandemic Stress” found that 49% of 3,013 people are still nervous about attending in-person activities.

Instead of exploring the newly-opened world in fear, try fostering a sense of curiosity to experience the wonder and awe this world has to offer.

Curiosity and Anxiety 

Curiosity is the fuel we need to take on new knowledge and experiences. If anxiety pushes us to fear, curiosity drives us in the opposite direction. Since we are actively seeking new knowledge, the fear of uncertainty shrinks.

Curiosity also leads to an increase in dopamine, one of the rewarding “feel good” chemicals in our bodies released when we accomplish a new goal or learn something new. By learning how to embrace curiosity as you venture into the new world, you will live in wonder, not fear.


Taking the initiative to go out into the world and seeing the world from a different perspective will decrease your anxiety. When you observe your surroundings, ask yourself what makes what you see beautiful or exciting.

Worries from anxiety tend to be about the past or the future. Curiosity is all about what you want to seek right now. During your wonder-spotting, take pictures of anything that you find beautiful or interesting and ask yourself why you feel the way you do.

It is easy to take advantage of the beauty that is around us. Using our curiosity to notice the little things in life can make us feel better about re-entry.

Curiosity With Empathy

Empathic curiosity is all about being curious about the thoughts and feelings of those around us. Anxiety tends to allow us to think the worst of other people. For example, anxiety can make us assume that a friend is mad at us without real facts. Empathic curiosity can instead make you ask yourself, “I wonder what is going on with my friend today?”

Wondering about a person will take the anxiety out of the equation. Instead of being quick to be angry at someone, empathic curiosity can allow you to show empathy towards others.

The world can be a scary place, but it can also be filled with new things to learn, see, or hear. Using your curiosity instead of your anxiety to drive your choices can help you live a happier and more engaged life.

Curiosity can be a great tool to use against anxiety. Taking an active approach to exploring the new world we live in will make you less scared of leaving your home. You can explore things you have never noticed before and cherish their beauty. At Alta Loma, we understand how anxiety can interfere with taking on new opportunities, and we are here to help you. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can provide you with individualized therapy, coping skills, education, therapeutic recreational activities, and more. Give us a call at (866) 457-3843 to learn more about our services.


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