Codependency is a type of relationship dynamic that can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms and enablement of risky behaviors. The characteristics of codependency are why addiction thrives in a codependent relationship. Many individuals may not want to admit they are involved in such a relationship, but denial can only exacerbate the situation. Understanding how codependency can affect and enable addiction can help individuals realize when they are trapped in such a relationship and work to get out and start recovery.

What is Codependency?

Codependency is when an individual excessively relies on a partner for emotional or psychological support and validation, usually in situations where illness or addiction is present. Many codependent individuals are usually attracted to individuals with addictive personalities or people that are emotionally unavailable. These people work tirelessly to take care of their partner with often no reciprocation. They enable their partner’s bad habits by continually taking care of them so their partner can continue engaging in their often reckless lifestyle. It is in this environment that addiction thrives.

Codependency and Addiction

Addiction thrives in codependent relationships because these environments enable it to continue happening. This enabling occurs because the codependent person likes to feel needed, so they continually take care of their partner and their partner’s addiction. For example, the person may allow their partner to stay with them rather than go to rehab, give them money they know is going towards drugs and alcohol, or even supply the person with drugs and alcohol.

Continuously taking care of a partner can have devastating consequences for both parties involved. The person enabling the addiction is doing all the emotional labor with nothing in return. The person struggling with addiction is not in a position where they will be able to recover. When this occurs, it can keep both people trapped in a cycle of codependency and addiction, usually until something drastic happens.

Codependency and addiction often go hand in hand because of the environment in place. Codependent relationships are some of the best situations for addiction to thrive in because the codependent partner wants to feel needed, so they continually enable their partner’s addiction. This is why more awareness needs to be spread. Alta Loma Transformational Services can help you escape from a codependent relationship and find healing. Alta Loma’s individualized treatment programs and expert staff can help you find and maintain sobriety. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843 and start your recovery journey.