One of the symptoms of any addiction is that it causes you to lie. You feel like you need to do whatever it takes to hide that you have a problem so that no one tears you away from that particular substance. One fitness blogger recently admitted to faking her workouts to hide her Adderall addiction only to change her life for the better after telling the truth.

What Was the Start of Ashley Beeman’s Adderall Addiction?

34-year-old Ashley Beeman runs a “Fit and Fabulous” blog that encourages wellness through a balanced and healthy lifestyle. However, in 2015, she got addicted to Adderall after being diagnosed with ADD after her doctor made her fill out a one-page questionnaire. What spurred her addiction was when she saw that she dropped from 165 pounds to 128 pounds using Adderall. She was lying to her 32,000 social media followers by sharing misleading weight loss photos, making others believe fitness led to it. People were giving her compliments which were encouraging to continue with the lie and her business was starting to grow. 

How Did Beeman Hit Rock Bottom?

Beeman’s life spiraled out of control when she ran through her monthly prescription in two weeks. She hit rock bottom when she ran out of Adderall at a family reunion and her anxiety led her to have trouble with family interactions. During her addiction, Beeman would lie to doctors and pharmacists making up excuses like dropping her prescription script into the lake to get another. Adderall would make it hard for her to sleep where she would just stare at the ceiling as well as being constipated. Beeman also felt that she was not present in her children’s lives being too absorbed in her blog.   

How Did Beeman Fix Her Life?

In June 2016, Beeman vowed to quit Adderall and is now celebrating three years without it. With the help of her husband, Beeman told the truth to her social media followers about her former Adderall addiction. She said she received a warm reaction of supportive people who also shared their own struggles with the drug. Beeman now learned to forgive herself and is living a much healthier lifestyle. Beeman now weighs 150 pounds and taught herself to love her new body. We can learn from the mistakes of Beeman in how addiction made her a different person and telling the truth bettered her life.

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