The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of people who are struggling with addiction, cutting them off from the support that is so vital to their recovery. DJ, MTV VJ, and podcast host of “In a Lonely Place,” Matt Pinfield was one of countless individuals whose addiction recovery was further complicated by the pandemic. With the help of his friends, who set up a GoFundMe page, Matt Pinfield got the help to finance his addiction treatment plan.

How COVID-19 Affected Matt Pinfield’s Recovery

In 2018, Pinfield got hit by a car and broke his leg. He worked hard in physical therapy. The exercise not only strengthened his leg but helped his addiction recovery. Once the pandemic hit, Pinfields’s gym closed cutting him off from the exercise that was so important to him. Pinfield was also a very social person in that he would go to musical performances six nights a week in addition to recovery meetings. Attending meetings via Zoom took some adjustment and did not seem to have the same impact as in-person meetings. Pinfield also lost four friends due to the coronavirus. With his support system in shambles, Pinfield resorted to the only other way he knew how to deal with his isolation and grief. He picked up the bottle again and relapsed.

How Matt Pinfield’s Friends Helped Him After His Relapse

Pinfield knew his best option was to check into a treatment facility, but his insurance only covered a fraction of the cost. His friends, understanding he was in trouble, joined forces and launched a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $50,000. Donations came in from friends, people he worked with at MTV and VH1, and fans. He was moved to tears when his friends showed him the words of support donors had posted on the page. Pinfield felt extremely grateful that people were willing to donate to help his recovery despite these uncertain times. 

Matt Pinfield’s Goals Going Forward

Feeling strong and healthy again, Pinfield wants to educate and entertain people with his music. He also wants to help others struggling with alcoholism and addiction. It is important, he says, to help others understand they are not alone in their struggles to stay clean. There is always someone willing to help.

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