In everyday life, we’re faced with countless stressors that might weigh heavily on our hearts, give us headaches, or make us curl up in a ball of anxiety. If we don’t have the right support system and ways of managing these stressors, that’s when we may find that we’re caught in a trap of unhealthy behaviors. If you’re currently pursuing addiction recovery, you may find that your curiosity is peaked in terms of how this all started. After all, time can seem to go by so quickly, and it’s hard to imagine how we got caught in this cycle of despair in the first place. Unhealthy coping mechanisms can very quickly – and easily – sneak into our lives if we’re not careful, and that’s often how substance abuse begins.

What Exactly Is a Coping Mechanism?

When we’re faced with stressful situations, the way we deal with those situations is what determines what type of coping mechanisms we’re using. There are so many types of events that can spark us to rely on certain coping mechanisms: having a new baby, getting married or going through a divorce, experiencing family illness, and losing or getting a job. While some of these events may feel quite positive, they can still bring about lots of stress. On top of this, if not handled appropriately, that stress can extend into something greater such as addiction or even mental illness. The problem is that if we continue to pursue certain “bad” habits, they could bring about other problems. This is why developing positive coping mechanisms is crucial for our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Examples of Coping Mechanisms

Examples of negative coping mechanisms include some form of addiction, escapism (deciding to “tune out” of life by distancing oneself from friends and family), numbing ourselves from emotion, and compulsive behavior. Although the list of negative coping mechanisms may seem exhaustive, there are just as many positive coping mechanisms as well. Some examples of positive coping mechanisms are our human connections with family and friends, relaxation and self-care, logical problem-solving, and exercise.

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