It is possible that you have never experienced love from your parents, so you are trying hard to gain love as an adult. Being addicted to love is just as dangerous as any other drug in that you want love in your life so badly that you are willing to be with the wrong person. By noticing the signs of love addiction, you will be able to see the distinction between love and obsession.

What Does It Mean If You Are in Denial of Love Addiction?

You know you are in denial of your addiction if you are making excuses for your loved one. You probably know that your partner is cheating on you, but still feel there is room for change or second chances. Your partner can also be emotionally or physically abusive towards you, but you just keep telling yourself it is your fault. That you need to try harder. Someone who loves you should never hurt you and you never do anything bad to deserve any pain. 

What Does It Mean to Romanticize Love?

Romanticizing love is when you only think of the good parts of it that you are willing to ignore the bad. That is the root of any addiction. Just like with illicit drugs, you know you are addicted when you remember the high that you felt but not the negative aspects. You may just be thinking of the good memories you had with your partner or the times your partner cherished you without thinking of the times you were hurt. It may help you to write down a list of the good and bad that you have had with your partner to see if the good outweighs the bad. Next to each moment, think about how you felt.

Why Should We Avoid Isolation in a Love Addiction?

Addiction can lead you to avoid the loved ones who came into your life before the object of your affection. The same goes for love addiction where you want to absorb as much of it as possible and not let anything else distract you from it. The truth is that real love should never stop you from living your life. You know you are in too deep if you are feeling withdrawal when you are without it. By speaking to a therapist about your unhealthy addiction to love, you can learn to love without feeling terrible.

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