It is no secret that drug abuse and addiction have drastic physical consequences on a person’s life. However, some of these consequences go unnoticed due to how they affect the body. One such repercussion of drug abuse is memory loss. Many that experience memory loss do not realize they are even struggling with it; this can make the situation that much more dire, as they continue harming their memory unknowingly. Knowing how drug abuse affects memory loss can help spread awareness and inform those that should seek treatment.

Common Drugs Causing Memory Loss

Studies have found that certain drugs cause different effects on the human body. When it comes to memory loss, some drugs can have a more drastic impact than others. For example, ecstasy has been known to cause memory impairments in both short and long-term users. Memory loss occurs because the drug damages the part of your brain in charge of “prospective memory.” This area of the brain is responsible for having you carry out an intended act after a delay. This means that individuals that have been using ecstasy for a longer amount of time will often forget things more easily. In addition, alcohol and nicotine are also known to cause problems with working memory both during use and while the person is experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment and Regaining Memory

While some physical consequences of addiction are irreversible even after the person gets sober, regaining memory can occur over time and with therapy. If the person has been abusing drugs for an extended amount of time, it can take longer for their memory to come back. This is why therapy is recommended to help heal the physical effects of addiction. Treatment is recommended sooner rather than later for the person to have the best chance at recovery. It should be noted that all memory may not come back, but it can get better with time and treatment.

Drug abuse and addiction can cause several physical repercussions on the individual struggling with it. One such repercussion is memory loss, especially if the person has been abusing drugs for an extended period of time. However, healing is possible with early intervention, treatment, and therapy. Alta Loma Transformational Services understands the hardships that come with addiction and recovery. We seek to help men of all ages find healing and success in their recovery and lives. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843 to get started on your healing journey.