Adolescents have been going through a confusing time in their lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids have not been able to attend school or socialize like they used to. When the pandemic took away socialization and brought the fear of catching the COVID-19 virus into their lives, a number of mental health issues arose.

Changes in Sleep

When teens aren’t forced into a regular schedule that gets them out of the house, staying at home all day with access to a bed can lead to excessive sleeping. Teens might be tempted to sleep all day, then stay up all night binge-watching on streaming services and texting their friends.

Delaying sleep cycles negatively impacts your mood and hormones. Just because school is over does not mean that teens should be stuck at home. They can find creative activities to do, like creating videos with their friends or trying out a new recipe. They can also volunteer to go grocery shopping for someone who is not able to leave their home. As a parent, you can ask your child how they would like to spend their day as they may not want to stick with their new routine.

Increased Anxiety

While it may seem beneficial for a teen who suffers from social anxiety to stay cooped up inside, this predicament provides them no opportunities to practice their social skills. Their anxiety will increase when the time comes to venture out into public settings.

Increased anxiety can also occur if a teen has a medical issue and is afraid of being vulnerable to the virus if they see their friends or are worried they will bring the virus into their homes. Whenever teens are experiencing uncontrollable anxiety, encourage them to write their feelings down and practice relaxation techniques to calm down.

Decreased Motivation

The typical life of a teenager used to consist of a routine of going to school, attending after-school activities, seeing friends, doing homework, and repeating the routine the next day. Now, the pandemic has taken away their usual routine, and they may lack the urge to do anything. They may even be uncertain about their future since no one knows when the pandemic will be over.

It is essential to remind your teen to still think about their future and find productive ways to spend their time to help them find purpose. Encourage them to volunteer to make a difference in the lives of others. If a teen’s mental health is suffering, persuade them to speak to a therapist.

The pandemic affected the mental health of many teens. Being shut in at home and lacking socialization can lead to increased anxiety and a lack of motivation. Speaking to a therapist and finding fun activities will improve the mental health of all teens during this uncertain time. At Alta Loma, we understand the impact the pandemic had on mental health, and we are here to help you. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can provide you with individualized therapy, life coping skills education, therapeutic recreational activities, and more. Call us at (866) 457-3843 for more information.