The COVID-19 pandemic has been very taxing on people’s mental health. Many have been feeling more stressed and more anxious than usual as the result of living in isolation and wondering what the future will hold. Amidst the economic crisis and shutdowns, EcoWatch has found that people are finding surprising ways to care for their mental health during the pandemic.

Bread Baking

According to People Magazine, a lot of individuals have been baking bread during lockdowns. It ended up being a viral quarantine trend to the point where bakeware, yeast, and flour were sold out for months online and at grocery stores. Baking became a source of mindfulness for many, in which they were able to be present and let go of fear about the future. Instead, people practiced focusing on each step in the bread baking process, mixing ingredients, rolling the bread out, and kneading the dough. Doing so slowed down racing thoughts, proving to be relatively therapeutic. 


Fox News says that pet adoptions and sales have soared during the pandemic. With a pet, you receive constant companionship, love, and affection; all factors that have been very important during these times. People with pets report feeling comforted by the knowledge that something depends on them. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements after getting a pet. Furthermore, pets can bring a sense of routine to your life, as you need to feed them, walk them, take them outside, and play with them to ensure they are taken care of properly. Caring for something helps people gain a sense of purpose and gets them out of their heads.

Learning a New Language

Business Insider said that signups for the language-learning app, Duolingo, grew 148% during lockdowns. Other similar technologies have had a boom in interest as well. Learning a new language is a means of self-improvement. Not to mention, it creates a sense of purpose and accomplishment. With all of the time that people now have as a result of quarantine, there is plenty of room to learn a new skill. Consequently, it seems people have decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Learning a new language can improve your memory and help you to communicate with people of different cultures. Additionally, language learning offers mental health benefits, such as boosting your confidence and improving multitasking skills. By opening up your mind to new activities and skills, your anxiety and depression symptoms can decrease, thereby improving mental health. 

Battling mental health symptoms associated with anxiety and depression is difficult enough without a global pandemic and mass lockdowns. While many have struggled with deteriorating mental health as a result of COVID-19, it’s important to note that there are ways to care for your mental health despite the circumstances. Many have chosen to look outside of themselves for help, seeking out productive ways to occupy their time. Whether it is learning a new skill, adopting a pet, or baking the best bread you have ever made, activities like these will help you to cope during times of difficulty. At Alta Loma, we understand how scary things are right now and we are here to help. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can offer you individualized therapy with specialized therapists, therapeutic recreational activities, life and coping skills education, medication management, a long-term continuum of care, and much more. For more information on our effective services, please call us at (866) 457-3843.