It can be an emotional rollercoaster when it is your first time buying a home. You may cry, experience anxiety, have arguments with your spouse, etc. Even though buying your first home may be stressful, it is important to lean on your real estate broker and take a deep breath to help get you through it.

Speak to Your Real Estate Broker

You may be involved in a lot of challenges when buying your first home like if the seller changes their mind or if there is a problem during the inspection. Everything you are experiencing is not new to your real estate broker. Do not be afraid to share your feelings. Ask your broker questions and take their advice into consideration. Your broker has probably seen every problem in the book and knows the solutions to them all. Being a team and knowing you have a support system should put your mind at ease.

Getting Cold Feet

When it comes close to purchasing this house, you may notice things about the house that you never noticed before like any cracks in the tiles, unfamiliar smells, if there is enough room on the kitchen counters, etc. You may feel like you have made a mistake in picking this particular house to live in. It is important to remember why you fell in love with this house in the first place. Think about the get-togethers you will hold at your house with everyone smiling as well as seeing your children play in the backyard. Maybe you loved how the location was close to where you work or your children’s school. 

Make a Checklist

If you are experiencing worries or you see any problems in the house, write a checklist of what needs to get done. Solve each problem one day at a time. This could mean that today you worry about painting the inside of your house and tomorrow putting in a new light fixture. With each item that you cross off your checklist, you will feel lighter and more at peace that you got these problems out of the way. Tell yourself that you are making progress as a homeowner that your family will be proud of. Remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end and that everything you are feeling is what a lot of people have felt the first time buying a home. 

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