It could be very challenging to achieve sobriety in a town filled with many people struggling with addiction and not enough resources. One woman was able to achieve that. By knowing Mary Middleton’s story on how she achieved sobriety, you will be inspired to start or continue on with your journey of recovery.

How Mary Middleton’s Addiction Started

When Middleton turned 13 being raised in New Haven, Connecticut, her mother revealed to her that she was addicted to cocaine several years before she was born. Middleton’s addiction started in 1999 when she started popping pills with her boyfriend at the time. She went from Vicodin to Percocet to Oxycodone. Middleton would be struggling for the next 15 years. She started becoming addicted to heroin after seeing her friend and roommate selling it. Middleton tried it and liked it. After her ex-boyfriend died a year after they broke up, Middleton self-medicated with heroin to avoid feeling anything. Eventually, Middleton became homeless.

Heroin Town

Middleton’s drug use got her in trouble with the law several times. In January 2014, Middleton relapsed within two hours after being released from jail and admitted herself to the Stonington Institute in August 2014. When she turned 41, Middleton was sent to jail for five months at York Correctional Institution and then taken to a halfway house in Willimantic, a town that was plagued with heroin addiction. She was shocked to find out she was being sent to the heroin capital of the country. Middleton knew that she had to stick with her sobriety once her time at the halfway house was over.

Staying Sober in Heroin Town

While Willimantic may have cleaned up, the temptation to relapse is still there. Middleton said that she knew drugs were still around and where to find them in that area even know no one was using them out in the open. Middleton used the resource Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery to help her stay clean. Middleton has been clean for five years where she works at BJs, goes to church every Sunday, and helps others fight their addictions. “Heroin Town” is now a small town like any other. Middleton found spirituality in her recovery in leaning towards a Higher Power. Middleton’s story proves that you can still get clean in a town with a bad reputation and that it is all about how strong your will is for recovery.

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