Chronic pain, a pain that lasts three months or longer, can be hard to accept or understand that their ailment has no cure or clear treatment. Opioids are not the answer to your chronic pain in that if you take too much, you can stop breathing as well as develop a tolerance to them. It is important to know how to speak to your doctor about how to better manage your chronic pain instead of assuming that opioids are the cure-all for your chronic ailment.

Knowing What Questions to Ask

Never be afraid to ask too many questions. If your doctor wants to do more tests before handing you pain pills, you can ask what you are being tested for. You, yourself, can also ask for more testing to take your other symptoms into consideration. Make sure that your doctor is listening to you and offering you unique advice like about what is and is not working for you. You can ask your doctor to better explain your condition, what can be done to treat it, and what the odds for improvement are. If you are prescribed a medication, ask how it works to help your pain as well as the dosage. If you are feeling misinformed about your condition or the treatment process, do not be afraid to get a second opinion. 

Be Patient

It is important to be open to the options that are around you. Instead of thinking so hard about medications, think about physical activities like yoga, walking, massages, or other distracting activities away from the pain. There are also physical therapy tactics like acupuncture, aqua therapy, or chiropractors. Your mental health is also important as pain can make you depressed and stressed which is not a good combination. 

Remember that there will be good days and bad days when trying to recover from pain. Have a big support system like a care team and your friends. These bad moments will be shorter and shorter once you incorporate your pain management into your everyday life. Do not be afraid to speak to your doctor. As a patient and the one suffering from this chronic condition, you have the right to know everything about what you are dealing with and how to make it easier. Direct communication with your doctor can make an impact on how much you are being prescribed and a full recovery.

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