Mental health treatment tailored to your life circumstances can make benefitting from the therapies provided easier. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are a type of treatment where clients commute and spend most of their days at the treatment center. The idea of PHP is that clients can access intensive treatment from medical professionals and addiction specialists while benefiting from a supportive community of peers also undergoing treatment.

At Alta Loma, our PHP clients stay in our supportive housing at The Ranch. They benefit from various mental health and substance abuse treatment options but still have time to continue their regular lives outside the facility. Let’s see what partial hospitalization for mental health treatment entails and if it’s the right treatment option for you.

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What Is the Goal of a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Concerning substance abuse treatment, you’ll first have to complete the detoxification process and undergo inpatient treatment before enrolling in a PHP. PHP treatment is designed for individuals still in the initial stages of their recovery journey. However, you only qualify for the program if you don’t pose an immediate danger to yourself or others, so you can’t have active thoughts of self-harm or relapse.

While receiving intensive treatment, PHP lets you remain active in your loved ones’ lives. People with families can take their kids to school, complete household chores and run errands before coming to the treatment facility. Because you won’t be at the facility full-time, you can keep a part-time job while undergoing treatment.

PHP aims to offer intensive treatment options and let you practice what you’ve learned during therapy in real-world situations. The program shelters you less than inpatient treatment, allowing you to reintegrate into society and apply the coping skills learned during your treatment sessions.

What Is the Focus of PHP?

Depending on the diagnosis, a person may receive education, life skills training and therapy throughout the day in PHP. Because the primary focus at Alta Loma is on co-occurring disorders, clients will receive support for their addiction recovery while learning how to cope with accompanying mental illness.

You can receive cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and medication-assisted treatment during your weekly visits at The Ranch. These programs can be offered one-on-one or through group therapy sessions with your peers. If you’ve tried methods such as outpatient care in the past, the constant support offered through PHP increases the chances of a successful stint in treatment.

The Ranch at Alta Loma also provides alternative therapies that improve your self-awareness, mindfulness and self-regulation. You can engage in activities such as jogging, hiking, golfing or reading at the treatment facility. These activities let you find outlets that increase the positive neurotransmitters in your brain so you don’t engage in harmful behaviors to get the same rush.

Why Does Focusing on Coping Skills Matter for Mental Health Treatment?

Healthy coping skills help you fight against triggers in your natural environment without resorting to harmful behaviors. For example, if you use alcohol to deal with flashbacks of an accident, coping skills help you self-soothe and find distractions that aren’t harmful to your mind and body.

Learning coping skills during PHP helps you implement them daily after leaving the treatment facility. This setting lets you see how well you’ve integrated the lesson into your life and identify areas for improvement that you can work on in future sessions.

How Long Does PHP Usually Last?

The length of partial hospitalization for mental health treatment can vary depending on your needs. If you’re in the initial stages of treatment, you may spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, at the treatment center. Later on, the program’s intensity can be reduced as you progress, allowing you to spend as little as 4 hours a day, 3 days a week at the facility.

You can complete PHP treatment in a few weeks or months. Most programs last 8 weeks but can be extended if you need further help.

Different Therapies Offered at Some PHPs

Standard therapies offered at some PHPs include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help restructure distorted thought patterns
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps you regulate negative emotions and build healthy coping mechanisms
  • Nutritional therapy to help you build healthy, sustainable eating habits
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The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

PHP is still outpatient treatment, meaning a person isn’t staying 24 hours in a facility. There should be a happy balance for someone choosing PHP — they need to be safe enough to manage evenings and nights independently but be willing to change and undergo 7 hours of treatment daily.

Alta Loma’s PHP helps make decisions easier for those seeking intensive treatment. Our secluded ranch, on-site chef, horseback riding and other leisure activities make your out-of-treatment time as healing as your in-treatment time. If you’re worried that PHP isn’t enough, higher levels of care are available for your situation; however, Alta Loma does offer 24-hour support for those who need it while at The Ranch.

Those Who Benefit the Most From PHP

Here are some examples of the type of people who’d benefit most from PHP at Alta Loma:

Some clients participating in other PHPs may need significant support at home when they return from treatment every day. Alta Loma’s PHP program is an excellent medium ground for those who need support but may also benefit from some time away from their homes and the pressures of their everyday lives. Every PHP is built in different ways.

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Who Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Best For?

Partial hospitalization for mental health treatment is suitable for people who are transitioning from inpatient treatment. Your therapist and addiction treatment team may recommend PHP as a step-down and suitable treatment option before transitioning to intensive outpatient care.

PHP is suitable for people with a solid social support system. You’ll need to live with someone while receiving treatment, which means you need loved ones around you when undertaking PHP. You’ll also need people who can keep you accountable to your therapy goals, so you should only undergo PHP if you have people interested in your well-being back at home.

Mental Health Care Is Essential & Alta Loma Is the No. 1 Team in Texas

Alta Loma’s partial hospitalization program may be what you need for those experiencing a significant disruption in their lives due to their co-occurring disorders. With intensive treatment that includes medication management education, daily group participation, individual counseling and life skills education, clients can expect the radical change that lasts a lifetime. At Alta Loma, we want clients to leave with community support and skills to help them recover and manage their mental health long-term. Call Alta Loma today at (866) 457-3843 to discuss whether PHP suits you.