Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are a type of treatment where clients continue to stay at home while they commute to the treatment center to spend most of the day. At Alta Loma, our PHP clients stay in our supportive housing at The Ranch. The idea of PHP is that clients can have access to medical professionals, addiction specialists, and the community while they receive intensive treatment.

What Does PHP Entail?

Depending on the diagnosis, a person may be receiving education, life skills training, and therapy throughout the day in PHP. As our primary focus at Alta Loma is on co-occurring disorders, clients will receive support for their addiction recovery while learning how to cope with their mental illness. Having constant support may enable someone who wasn’t successful with other kinds of treatment to push past the mental block that has prevented them from seeing success in the past.

Those Who Benefit Most From PHP

PHP is still outpatient treatment, meaning that a person isn’t staying 24-hours in a facility. There should be a happy balance for someone choosing PHP in that they need to be safe enough that they can manage evenings and nights on their own, but they are willing to change and undergo seven hours of treatment a day.

Alta Loma’s PHP helps make the decision easier for those seeking intensive treatment. Our secluded ranch, on-site chef, horseback riding, and other leisure activities make your out-of-treatment time as healing as your in-treatment time.  If you’re worried that PHP isn’t enough, there are higher levels of care for your situation; however, Alta Loma does offer 24-hour support for those that need it while at the ranch.

Here are some examples of the type of people who would most benefit from PHP at Alta Loma:

  • Someone who has received treatment before but was not able to make long-term change
  • Someone who is not a danger to themselves or others
  • Someone who is on a deadline due to court or other pressures to make life changes
  • Someone who is highly motivated to participate in treatment and make a radical change
  • Someone who does not need constant medical support
  • Someone who is struggling with their co-occurring disorders
  • Someone who is experiencing significant disruption in their other obligations, such as at work or school

Not every PHP is built the same. Some clients participating in other PHPs may need significant support at home when they return from treatment every day. Alta Loma’s PHP program is excellent medium ground for those who need support but may also benefit from some time away from their homes and the pressures of their everyday lives.

For those experiencing a significant disruption in their lives due to their co-occurring disorders, Alta Loma’s Partial Hospitalization Program may be exactly what you need. With intensive treatment that includes medication management education, daily group participation, individual counseling, life skills education, and more, clients can expect radical change that lasts a lifetime. At Alta Loma, we want clients to leave with community support and skills that can help them stay in recovery and manage their mental health long-term. To discuss whether PHP is suitable for you, call Alta Loma today at (866) 457-3843.