Your recovery support system will instill you with invaluable life skills such as stress management or mechanisms to cope with a crisis, but you may not get the guidance you need to complete daily activities like cooking or paying bills in therapy or group meetings.

As you transition from recovery to living outside the treatment facility, you may find yourself lacking necessary skills to maintain an independent lifestyle. Whether you need help with household maintenance or tax information, there are resources in your community that will guide you toward self-sufficiency.

College and University Programs

If you are looking to acquire new academic or professional expertise, look for online or in-person courses that you can take through your local community college. An online education program provides you with flexibility, allowing you to pursue other interests or career options in addition to academics.

You may prefer the formal classroom setting and search for courses offered by nearby colleges or universities. For financial information, scheduling, and other questions regarding the program, visit the institution’s website or call the student affairs office.

Those eager to obtain a degree but unsure of which courses to take will greatly benefit from the advice of a counselor. Your therapist may also have some helpful insight.

Community Centers and Libraries

Cooking classes, gardening lectures, tax seminars, and other informational events are often held in community buildings like the social center, town hall, or library. Check their events calendar to see what informational sessions are scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

If you don’t find the class or activity that you are looking for, let the events staff know! Some institutions may invite community suggestions. In addition to accumulating life skills, you will get to know neighbors that you may not have known before attending local events.

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