College sports are a big part of the lives of many students, none more so than the athletes themselves. The beginning of a new school year means a busy time for college athletes. Training, working out, and playing their chosen sport occupies a lot of time during the college year. 

Drugs and Alcohol as an Alternative to Sports

New campus rules that have postponed or cancelled sports due to the threat of COVID-19 have created a lot of downtime for young athletes. Filling that extra time caused by the loss of college sports can be a challenge for a student. There is already a built-in temptation to participate in binge drinking and drug use when going away to college. Students who might otherwise have kept busy with their sport of choice may find boredom and frustration lead them to investigate the party life a college campus has to offer.

Make Wise Choices When Shuffling Your Schedule

The loss of college sports can be devastating for a student. This provides a risk of making emotionally-based choices rather than thoughtful ones about how to rework their new schedules. Social distancing may limit options for other activities, but a thorough vetting of what’s available at your school can turn up ideas to fill empty hours with positive, healthy pastimes. Try school groups that meet online for activities such as study groups or engaging in a hobby. Consult with a school counselor and fellow students to see what’s available to do while you wait for sports to start up again.


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