Many people rely on marijuana to help them with their anxiety. The THC found in marijuana has been known to provide people with a calming experience that temporarily relieves anxiety symptoms. By learning about healthier options to reduce your anxiety symptoms, you will no longer have to depend on cannabis to help calm you down.

Marijuana to Self-Medicate

People have developed a dependency on marijuana for their anxiety as it has shown to make you feel better when anxious. Since the risks and consequences are not life-threatening compared to alcohol, this makes the dependency even greater. A study in the Journal of Affective Disorders shows that marijuana can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, but only short-term. There is not enough evidence to see how marijuana can affect you in the long-term. It does not seem like these symptoms are reduced in the long-term and your depression and anxiety may get worse over time. 

Long-Term Risks

Other than a strong dependence, marijuana can cause memory loss since it affects the hippocampus which is responsible for forming memories. It can also negatively affect your body’s motivational system. Using too much marijuana can also make you feel scared or paranoid. Marijuana can cause you to be dizzy, confused, nauseous, or get blurred vision which will just make you more anxious. Just like many other drugs, you can also develop a tolerance to marijuana where you get used to the effects marijuana gives you that you feel the need to use more and more of it. 

Healthy Ways to Manage Anxiety

There are a lot of therapeutic techniques to help with your anxiety like seeing a counselor, reading a self-help book, support groups and educational websites on what to do for your anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help change your negative thought patterns into positive ones. There are also medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that are recommended for anxiety since the long-term risks are less significant than marijuana use. Some of these medications are taken daily while others are used only used during episodes of extreme anxiety or a panic attack. There is also some evidence to suggest that cannabidiol oil can help with anxiety and does not have THC that will give you mind-altering side effects. Anxiety is treatable in many forms so it is not necessary to depend on a mind-altering substance like marijuana to treat it.

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