Despite common stereotypes that only women struggle with body image, many men also struggle with how they see their bodies. Due to the lack of information on male body image, many end up with negative impacts on their life due to not knowing how to cope and heal properly. Men worry about looking masculine, such as having bigger muscles, lots of hair, and more. Understanding the effects of negative body image in men and how to heal them can give hope to more males struggling to love their bodies.

Male Body Image

Society puts pressure on men to look a certain way, primarily having bigger muscles, more hair, being tall, and more. For men that are not naturally covered in hair, shorter, or do not have big muscles, this can cause negative feelings towards their bodies. These usually begin during adolescence when significant changes in the body take place. These feelings can continue into adult life and cause men to engage in unhealthy tactics to achieve the “perfect” body.

Effects of Negative Body Image

Many men try to control the way their bodies look by engaging in weight-loss strategies, spending hours at the gym, or trying dangerous surgeries. However, a concerning impact that is often not discussed is drug use. Some men turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with how they feel about themselves and their bodies. Many use steroids to achieve bigger muscles, while others may use other drugs to suppress their negative emotions. This can lead to drug and alcohol addiction, causing more problems in the man’s life.

Healing is Possible

Because of the lack of understanding concerning male body image, many men do not know about the variety of programs available to help them heal. If a man is suffering from both negative body image and addiction, there are facilities that can address both to give him the best chance of healing. Without treating both issues simultaneously, the man can potentially be at risk of relapse.

Body image is not a common topic discussed when it comes to men. This results in many men not knowing how to cope with negative body image, causing poor coping strategies that can have a negative impact on their lives, such as addiction. Alta Loma Transformational Services in Georgetown, TX, provides services to help men heal from co-occurring disorders. By treating both of these concerns simultaneously through individualized care, Alta Loma creates a society of men who know how to deal with negative body image and implement healthy ways to cope to maintain their sobriety. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.