Having a sister is like having a best friend that lives in your house. You share parents, traditions, relatives, and even experiences while growing up. By having a positive relationship with your sister, your mental health will be enriched knowing that you have someone there to rely on for emotional support.

Mental Health Boost 

If you are ever in a bad mood, you have your sister there to talk to when you come home. She will be a great source to turn to when you need some cheering up. When you grow up and bond with someone, your sister will try to make sure that you do not feel guilty, out of place, unloved, low self-esteem, or fearful. Sisters also do more to maintain contact with their siblings after their parents pass away. If you have an older sister, you can vent about how things were when they were your age and what can be done to make things easier. 

Makes You a Compassionate Person

Sisters have a way of making you a more compassionate and kinder person. Sisters tend to show love and affection. They can be great people to go to when something good happens to you or when you are feeling down to help perk you up. You two may have your fights here and there, but love will always win in the end. Sisters do not want to stay in a fight as they still need that support and love that they have always received from them. This will be important when it comes to relationships you will make later in life.

Teach You How to Be With People

Sisters can teach you about conflict-resolution, empathy, and nurturing others when interacting with your peers. It can be anything you need advice on whether you are dealing with a bossy co-worker or if you are having friendship troubles. They can also be good practice if you want more experience on how to deal with people who are commandeering or intimidating as such as your older sister that you live with. As an older sister, you could end up being a more empathetic and nurturing person by generously giving advice to your younger sister who is feeling very insecure. As the older sister, it is your job to show them the path and always be there when your siblings need you.


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