There are many ways to bolster your recovery over time and ensure you remain on the path to successful and sustained sobriety. Mindfulness is one of the best ways to stay present and cope with anxious thoughts, cravings, and negative feelings you may experience in recovery. Understanding the importance of mindfulness and what exercises you can do to stay in the present moment can improve your recovery and keep you on the right path.

Importance of Mindfulness in Recovery

It is no secret that recovery is challenging. There will be low points, frustration, and confusion that may have you wondering if it’s even worth it.

However, mindfulness can help fight against these thoughts and keep you on the right path. Individuals that practice mindfulness have lower stress levels, experience less anxiety, are more self-aware, and even improve their immune systems. All of these can benefit your recovery and make the journey a little bit easier when times get tough.

Exercises to Try

Being in the present moment can be difficult when you have so many thoughts bouncing around inside your head. Whether you have cravings, triggers, or rapid thoughts, there are ways to silence these and be present, including:

  • Yoga: Setting aside time for yoga or taking a class can help you facilitate the connection between mind and body.
  • Meditation: Sitting in a quiet place that allows you to focus on your breathing, feelings, and present moment to moment, without judgment, can help you improve your mindset in recovery.
  • Spending time outdoors: Even the most simple practices can encourage mindfulness. Walking outdoors and taking in your surroundings can help you be present.
  • Breathing exercises: Taking part in breathing exercises can bring attention to your breath and help you clear your thoughts to remain present. The best part is you can do these anywhere at any time.

Mindfulness plays a crucial role in recovery because it helps individuals fight against anxiety, cravings, and more. Being mindful and allowing yourself to be in the present moment can be challenging at first, but it will become easier over time. If you need help practicing mindfulness in your recovery, Alta Loma Transformational Services is here to help. We work with men of all ages to find their stride in recovery and learn skills to sustain it. Located in Georgetown, TX, our individualized care model will have you on the road to success. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.