Addiction affects people in different ways, just as it has various causes depending on the person. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with symptoms of a mental health disorder, some use them to escape an unstable home life, and some use them to cope with the stresses at work or school. However, one of the lesser discussed causes of addiction needs discussion to voice those struggling with it; this is how negative body image can lead to drug or alcohol addiction.

Defining ‘Body Image’

Body image can be classified as how a person thinks, sees, or feels about their own body. In today’s society of thin models and men with six-packs, it can be easy to get caught up in diet culture. This commonly causes individuals to struggle with their body image, often seeing their bodies in an unpleasurable light that may not be apparent to other people. To cope with negative body image, some turn to drugs or alcohol.

Drugs and Alcohol as an Escape

Because of the pressure placed on individuals’ bodies, some have an intensely negative view of themselves and their bodies. To escape these negative feelings, many turn to drugs or alcohol. Some use drugs and alcohol to help fuel their poor eating habits or dehydration methods to help them lose weight and have the “ideal body image” even when it is harmful to their bodies. Some use drugs and alcohol as an appetite suppressant or weight control strategy. However, the more they use these substances to help control or escape from their weight, the more at risk they are at becoming dependent or addicted to them.

Possible Healing

Negative body image can wreak more havoc in people’s lives than you may expect. If someone falls into the trap of addiction due to their negative body image, it is necessary to seek treatment that simultaneously addresses the negative body image and addiction. Treating both will give the person the best chance at recovery as they heal both areas of their lives.

Unfortunately, negative body image is common in today’s society due to the extravagant pressures placed on individuals to be the smallest, prettiest, or strongest. For men, negative body image is often stigmatized and therefore not discussed. However, avoiding such topics can cause more men to fall into addiction. What is needed here is a facility that can help men find healing from both negative body image and addiction. Alta Loma Transformational Services specializes in treating men for addiction and various mental health disorders. Call today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.