“Peer pressure” is most commonly associated with misbehaving high school students, but the phenomenon can occur at any age. As you continue on your journey in recovery, you may find friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances urging you to engage in group activities that involve substances despite your efforts to maintain sobriety. When the pressure to conform to the expectations of your social group is overwhelming, rely on the skills you developed during your recovery to overcome peer pressure and do what’s right for you.

1. Make an Excuse

Explaining your recovery journey to others can be uncomfortable, especially if you are unfamiliar with your company. When the office buddies are pushing you to come with them for a night at the bar, tell them that you have other plans. Telling the guys that you have a family party, dinner date, or birthday celebration will save you from entering a situation that makes you feel unsafe.

2. Be Honest

Situations that cause discomfort should be avoided. Honestly sharing your reason for opting out of a certain event might be the best route for you. Your progress in recovery should be celebrated, and good friends will support your decision to forgo a risky night out. They may even decide to join you.

3. Suggest an Alternative

You want to spend time with your friends on a Friday night, but their plans include activities that you would rather avoid. Rather than spend the night without them, offer some alternative plans that satisfy everyone’s interests. They will understand your apprehension and work with you to plan an evening that everyone will enjoy.

4. If the Risk Is Low, Go!

Individuals recovering from substance abuse build the mental strength to reject addictive substances over time. If you feel comfortable sharing a space with friends who are choosing to partake in controlled substance use, go for it! Feeling safe in your environment is critical, and if the company and the setting both promote your wellness, then the activity can be fun without posing any risk. You have come a long way during your recovery, enjoy the results of your progress!

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