Most people don’t consider reading as a part of addiction recovery, yet there are many benefits that you can gain from it. Of course, detoxification, therapy, and support groups will always be part of the recovery process – they are what help people to become stabilized, to process their emotions more effectively, and to discover healthier coping mechanisms for daily life. However, there are many other components to health and well-being that people in addiction recovery should consider.

A clear example of this involves hobbies. What a person enjoys doing in their free time can influence the motivation they have to pursue sobriety – and that is where reading can come into play.

A Safe Escape

For those who’ve struggled with addiction for quite some time, this activity may seem rather bland in comparison to the “high” they received from abusing substances. What they will likely learn, however, is that reading can ignite the senses and can send them on a journey that gives them information and inspiration for healing. Reading is a safe way to take a temporary escape, explore new worlds, and learn new things. And best of all, you can read a book just about anywhere.

There are several types of books that can benefit people in recovery:

  • Adventure books, which temporarily immerse you into a fantasy world (without the use of substances) and can provide a respite from the challenges and struggles in your life.
  • Self-help books, which provide practical tools and guidance for recovery and can increase your understanding of addiction.
  • Spiritual books, which can open the heart and mind by providing meaningful, thought-provoking stories and messages.
Fill Your Free Time

Take a moment to think about some of the books you’ve read that have changed your life for the better. Perhaps these were books that you used to read before the substance abuse started or new books that you discovered in recovery. While you are in treatment, this is an ideal time to explore your options as you adapt your free time to include new activities that serve you far better than using.

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