Going on vacation does not mean that you take a vacation from counseling. You do not want to experience episodes of addiction, anxiety or depression and have no one to consult about it. It is important before your trip to find ways to speak with your therapist so that you can have a positive experience during your vacation.

Keep Up with Your Therapist

Continue speaking to your therapist while you are away. Find out from your therapist before your trip when they are available to talk to you and when you are available. You should also book an appointment before your trip so that medication can be prescribed to you so that you have enough for your trip. Make sure that you read carefully your prescription such as how much to take and what exactly your medication is.

Online Counselors

Now with the internet, you can reach a therapist anytime you turn on your computer. This type of treatment is offered 24/7 through a number of online resources like Talkspace. This way, you can still get face to face treatment through Skype or Facetime. Before you seek help from an online therapist, make sure that the website you go on is legitimate and that the therapist you are speaking with has a Master’s degree as well as thousands of hours of clinical experience.

Find a Local Counselor

Search for a counselor in the new state or country that you are visiting. This may be easier if your visiting country speaks the same language. It may be possible that your insurance will not cover overseas mental healthcare. Try to seek out a travel insurance policy for mental illnesses or see if there is a reciprocal health agreement between your home country and where you are visiting. You can also see if there is a doctor in the area you are visiting that can write you a prescription if you need it.

Help Yourself

Even though it is important to reach out to your therapist, you should still take what you learned in therapy with you. You may need to rely on yourself to get through an episode. If your therapist is not available to talk, write down the things your therapist has taught you to do during an episode and reach out to your family and friends. Continuing with your therapy during travel shows how committed you are to feeling better.

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