Cocaine is a powerfully addictive substance that can make recovery extremely challenging. Those that struggle with addiction to crack cocaine can feel hopeless, as if they will never recover. However, professional treatment restores hope for many by aiding the recovery process and helping breathe new life into those that have lost hope. By learning about treatment for crack cocaine addiction, you can make an informed decision concerning the next steps of your recovery journey. 


Detoxification From Crack Cocaine


The treatment process usually begins with cleansing the body of toxins present due to addiction. Many treatment centers have an in-house detox facility, but if not, they will typically coordinate services before you arrive at the treatment center. Detox allows your body to cleanse itself and work through the withdrawal symptoms to prepare you for the next steps of recovery. Withdrawal from crack cocaine usually consists of severe cravings and physical and psychological symptoms. These can last for three to seven days, but post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) may occur in the weeks or months that follow.


Inpatient Treatment


Once your body has flushed out the toxins from addiction and recovered from withdrawal symptoms, the next step is inpatient treatment. This stage of recovery involves various therapies and support groups, as well as educational workshops. For crack cocaine treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy is incredibly beneficial. You will most likely spend between 30-90 days in inpatient treatment, but there is no set limit. A longer stay in treatment usually indicates more success in recovery.


Aftercare for Long-Term Recovery


Due to how addictive crack cocaine can be, ongoing treatment is usually required for a successful recovery. Long-term therapy is typically suggested because having someone to talk to can help prevent relapse down the road. Taking part in programs that prepare you for jobs and housing after treatment are also commonly suggested. You can get involved in support groups for individuals that struggled with crack cocaine addiction. Whatever your journey looks like, just make sure that your recovery is always a priority.


Recovering from crack cocaine addiction takes significant willpower, determination, and a desire for a better life. Because the substance is so addictive, recovery can be more challenging. However, professional treatment is the best way to ensure healing. Alta Loma Transformational Services treats crack cocaine addiction through various intensive care programs for men in Georgetown, TX. From various therapies to nutritional wellness, you are sure to find healing at Alta Loma. Call us to learn more about our programs at (866) 457-3843. Recovery is possible. Take the first step today.