One of the most common causes of addiction is people self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to relieve mental or physical pain symptoms. Self-medicating is remarkably common, but few people realize that they are doing it in the first place. Recognizing signs of self-medication early on can prompt you to seek treatment before self-medicating develops into something more serious. If you notice any of the following symptoms in yourself, consider seeking treatment to address them. 


Neglect of Physical Care


As individuals struggling with mental, physical, or emotional pain self-medicate to relieve symptoms, it is not uncommon for them to neglect their physical care and hygiene. They may stop showering, eating, exercising, or putting effort into their physical appearance and well-being. Using drugs and alcohol to cope becomes their priority, so physical care is placed on the backburner.


Isolating From Friends and Family


Because of the pain the person is in and perhaps the embarrassment of using drugs and alcohol frequently, individuals that self-medicate may begin isolating themselves from the people they care about. They may miss important events or casual social events that they would have otherwise attended. 


Experiencing Sudden Financial Problems


Individuals that once managed their finances well may begin struggling when they start self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Funding an addiction is not cheap, and the person may begin allocating money that they would typically spend on necessities towards drugs and alcohol. Sudden financial problems can point to a problem with self-medication.


Having Trouble at Work or School


The more the person self-medicates, the more likely they will face challenges at work or school due to an inability to focus, low motivation, and worsening mental health. If a person who once did well in these areas begins struggling, it could signify that they are struggling with self-medication using drugs and alcohol.


Self-medication is a severe problem that plagues numerous individuals. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol is one of the most common reasons that addiction develops. The person is unsure or unable to cope with their problems healthily, so they turn to these substances for temporary relief. At Alta Loma Transformational Services, we have seen numerous patients struggle with self-medication due to mental, physical, and emotional pain. Our programs help you learn how to cope with this pain healthily to help you build a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.