When you experience flashbacks related to past trauma or other painful experiences, it can be challenging to get through them. Flashbacks often occur in those that have experienced past events that may have negatively impacted them and serve as a way for the brain to process what happened. Flashbacks will continue to come back until they are worked through, so avoiding them is not recommended as this might make them stronger. Having grounding techniques such as positive coping statements can help you get through these flashbacks when they occur.

“The Worst is Already Over. I Am Safe Now.”

Reminding yourself that the past cannot touch you because you have already been through it can help you rationalize with the flashback. It is not happening now. You are safe and in a protected environment.

“I Am Here and Present.”

Flashbacks can make it easy to slip into the mindset that you are trapped in the past. However, it is essential to remember where you are now and be present at the moment to separate yourself from that time and realize you are safe now.

“I Can Survive This.”

Reminding yourself that you have already survived the worst of it in the past can help you get through the flashback in the present moment. Remind yourself that you are a survivor and are capable of healing.

“There Are Grounding Techniques to Help Me.”

When a flashback occurs, it can be easy to feel swallowed by it with no escape. Telling yourself that there are grounding techniques to use can remind you to utilize them at the moment to get through the painful flashback.

“This Too Shall Pass.”

Flashbacks will not last forever. Even at their most severe, flashbacks eventually come to an end, and you will be back to a safe place in your head.

Flashbacks can serve as painful reminders of what you have gone through, often making you feel helpless to get rid of them. However, flashbacks do not have to slow you down in your recovery. When you experience a flashback, engage in telling yourself positive coping statements to help ground yourself and get yourself through the memory. Reminding yourself that you are in the present moment and the worst has already passed can motivate you to keep going. There are always coping techniques to help you. For more information about flashbacks and how to cope with them, call Alta Loma Transformation Services today at (866) 457-3843.