Carter Dyson

Business Office Coordinator

Having grown up with a brother who is on the spectrum and struggled with mental health issues, Carter has firsthand experience of having a loved one with unique challenges. After his own struggles with substance use disorder in early adulthood, Carter began his journey of recovery from substance use disorder. With his own unique experiences, this has given Carter a passion to help both the families and individuals that struggle with mental health and substance use disorder. With this new devotion of working with those that Alta Loma assists in their own journey, Carter is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Global Healthcare Policy & Management at Concordia University. Outside of his professional endeavors, Carter is a fan of the NBA and the Dallas Mavericks.

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Healing on Your Terms

You understand your needs best. If you have found yourself at a crossroads in your treatment and feel like your program options don’t fully understand you or aspects of your recovery, it’s time to contact the specialists at Alta Loma. We will help you craft the ideal care plan and secure the support you need, quickly, to avoid unnecessary problems. At Alta Loma, that’s our mission — to provide each individual with optimum care for the wellbeing they deserve.