Meghan Landry


Behavior Analyst

Meghan developed a passion for helping people overcome their challenges at a young age doing volunteer work with individuals with disabilities. During this time she watched her younger brother struggle to learn and fit in the same way as others in society. In 2015, while finishing her last semester of her bachelor’s in Psychology, Meghan was introduced to the field of behavior analysis, which sparked an interest. Behavior analysis uses science-backed data to help individuals overcome challenging behavior patterns and develop healthy life skills. From there she received her master’s degree from Texas Tech University in Applied Behavioral Analysis while also working as a behavior technician helping children and young adults gain important skills. 6 months later, in 2017, she became fully licensed and holds the designation of Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

While most of her work has been helping people on the Autism spectrum, Meghan knows she can be of service to a wider population. She believes most challenges people face can be tackled by learning more effective ways to communicate their wants and needs, which sometimes must be taught differently than traditional methods. Meghan strives to help clients find the right motivation which ensures new ideas will “click” and become “ah-ha!” moments. Meghan has helped many people learn to communicate more effectively, reduce challenging behaviors, attain new life skills, and successfully interact with their environment no matter the situation. Her end goal is to help clients to be successful and decrease challenging behaviors that interfere with their learning, communication, and everyday life.

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