Addiction has numerous negative consequences, but the financial toll it takes is not often discussed. Often, individuals struggling with addiction face financial problems due to their disorder. Many reasons for this are typically overlooked or ignored, but understanding the financial consequences of addiction is crucial to encourage healing. Once you learn how deep you are in trouble, you will want to take steps to dig yourself out.

Buying Drugs and Alcohol

Perhaps the most apparent financial consequence of addiction is the amount of money it takes to fulfill a drug or alcohol addiction. No matter the substance a person is addicted to, buying it can take a heavy toll on your finances. For example, if you drink a $7 six-pack per day, that’s over $200 per month. If you spend money on a more expensive drug such as heroin or crack cocaine, this number increases significantly. You’ll see your finances drain the longer the addiction goes on.

Loss of Income

Many individuals struggling with addiction often face trouble at work, such as missing shifts, making careless mistakes, or showing up high. Over time, you may be scheduled for fewer shifts, be passed over for promotions, or even get fired. This causes lost income, meaning the person can easily slip into financial ruin as their addiction continues. Retirement benefits and social security may also be impacted, causing long-term consequences even after recovery.

Legal Fees, Healthcare, and More

To make matters worse, money problems can pile up due to health problems, legal fees, and more. For example, a person that struggles with addiction may visit the hospital multiple times due to health problems or overdose. Bills can add up, and they become harder to pay if you have lost your job and are using any money you have to fund your addiction. Legal fees can also be a burden if you break the law due to addiction. All of this together can put you in deep debt that will affect your life even after recovery.

Addiction has numerous consequences, but the significant financial costs are perhaps one of the most overlooked. The financial impact of addiction can create long-term consequences that persist even after the person recovers, causing further chaos and heartache down the road. Alta Loma Transformational Services helps residents with coping methods and life skills to boost their recovery. We understand the burden you may be facing, so our program makes it easy to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.

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