Nearly everyone has regrets. We all have likely made a mistake in the past that makes us think, “What if I had done something differently?” or “Why was I so stupid?” We might hang on to our past and beat ourselves up over things we cannot change. We might stay stuck in this mental space, thinking that our life hinges on one lousy day. How can one day impact our entire lives? Can one bad day or night really mark us for the rest of our lives?

Negative Bias

Bad things usually stick out in the scheme of everything. For the sake of survival, we notice terrible events much more than good ones. One night of behavior we regret can follow us around, despite our otherwise good actions throughout our daily lives. We might obsess over one event, wondering what we could have done differently. One bad day—where everything seems to go wrong—can make us worried about our futures. We often wonder: will everything always be this bad?

Turning It Around

We might feel like our biggest mistake or our worst day has created a chain reaction that may follow us throughout our whole lives. What if we turn this around? What if we thought about the potential impact of one good day? Could this also lead to a chain reaction of positivity in our lives? What if we start today? Today is day one of a chain reaction of good things. We have the power to change our perspective. We can start the day off right and create positive forward momentum to carry us through, one day at a time.

Are you currently struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder? Are you drinking or using other substances to manage your mental health issues? Do you feel locked into this type of behavior with no escape? There is hope; you do not have to define your life by your darkest moments and biggest regrets. You can change for the better. You can learn how to cope with the stress of everyday life to succeed. Alta Loma is here to help those struggling with a dual diagnosis of mental health disorders with addiction. You can learn to deal with life in a safe and supportive environment. Our staff can help you learn a new way to live a healthy and happy life. You can find a new path to life and build momentum to move forward. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 to get started on your pathway to recovery and healthy living!