It can be hard to find the right medical treatment for a recovering addict who is also struggling with other mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or schizophrenia. People want medications that will help them function through their day with the least amount of distracting side effects. Often people who struggle with addiction are also struggling with other mental health conditions. 

Finding the Right Mental Health Plan

If a person is thinking of going on medications for mental health reasons he or she should talk to his or her therapist first. Together, they will decide if medications are the right next step for this person. For some people, it is better to work on their mental health through therapy alone. Depending on the person’s mental health conditions, they might require medication to function through daily activities. Sometimes medications will help give someone a little push in the right direction. Going on medication can be temporary or long-term, depending on your mental health condition.

Finding the Right Psychiatrist

When someone is thinking about going on medications, it is important that they find the right psychiatrist. They should try to find a psychiatrist that relates well to them and listens to their symptoms in order to give a correct diagnosis. The person must communicate honestly with the psychiatrist so that the psychiatrist can understand the whole picture of what this person has been going through to more accurately evaluate their condition. Having a proper diagnosis often helps people understand their mental illness better, making it easier for them to handle. It also makes it easier for the psychiatrist to prescribe proper care and medication.

Finding the Right Medications

Once a person finds the right psychiatrist, it will still be a journey before finding the right medication. It’s important to be patient when you are looking for the right medication. It is also important for the person to be honest about how the medication is affecting them for the psychiatrist to be able to make the right adjustments to their medication. Keep an open mind and be patient. Some medications take longer to feel the effects of than others. When a person is first meeting a new psychologist, they should keep in mind any other medications or supplements that they may be taking for physical or other mental health reasons.

Sometimes a person may need medications to help with mental health issues that can impact their well-being and recovery. Deciding to go on medication is a big first step that a person should not take alone. It’s important to be patient and honest with doctors and therapists as they work with you to find the right treatment plan and medications for your needs. Alta Loma is here to help people find the right treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.  Alta Loma will hold the person’s hand as they take this journey together. For more, please call (866) 457-3843 today.