We all need a chance to recharge once in a while. Some may feel like they cannot take a vacation if they cannot afford plane tickets or a hotel, have a fear of airplanes, or that it is too last minute to plan. You do not have to leave the area to have the vacation you want, but staying at home where you are most comfortable can be all that you need to recharge and destress.

Embrace Staying Home

Just because your friends are off on glamorous vacation spots does not mean that you being at home has to be considered a negative. You will be in the comfort of your own home where you have always felt safe. Do not compare yourself to your friends online. A vacation is when you take a break from your hectic schedule. As long as you are happy, relaxed and enjoying yourself, you are on vacation. It may even help to take a digital detox during your staycation to avoid feeling like you wish you were somewhere else.

Do Something Spontaneous

You may be used to planning things out when you go out of town. You want to make the most of the trip by exploring everything. But, you may end up experiencing anxiety symptoms when plans do not work out. Since you know your home so well, plan something spontaneous to do at night. It can be things like cooking a meal you have never tried before or find local events near you that look like fun. Finding time away from an overplanned life is what makes it a vacation.

Follow Your Bucket List

The best part of a vacation is having the opportunity to do something different. If you have a bucket list of goals that you have always wanted to accomplish, now can be the time to do that. Do not feel pressured to accomplish everything during this vacation, but just being able to cross one thing off your list should make you feel good. It can be things like going to a baseball game if you have never been before or to try Indian food for the first time or anything else that makes today different from any other day. Even staying at a nearby hotel can help you relax. Experiencing a staycation will give you the chance to take a break from the stressors of your everyday life. 

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