Last year, video game addiction was added to the World Health Organization as a mental health disorder. This is considered controversial for a lot of gamers in that they do not think that constantly playing video games is anything like being addicted to drugs. A new study revealed what the most addictive video games are to watch out for.

The Study

A new study surveyed more than 1,500 gamers to see which games have addictive qualities depending on an “addiction score” of those that play them the most. “Minecraft” ended up being the winner with an addiction score of 37.9. The next addictive game was “Red Dead Redemption” which had a score of 36. Other games that made the list were multiplayer games with “Destiny 2” earning a 32.6, “Overwatch” earning a 35.1, and “Rainbow Six Siege” earning a 33.9. What makes these games addictive is how easily replayable they are. “Minecraft” may not have frequent rewards, but there are no interruptions or endpoints. Even though there was a lawsuit against the addictive game “Fortnite,” that game only made it halfway up the list. 

What Makes Gaming a Disorder

The classification of gaming disorder is considered controversial in the gaming world since it makes it seem like playing a lot of video games is wrong. It is important to understand that the classification of video game addiction is only to a small amount of gamers. Even if you play video games every day, it does not mean that you have a gaming disorder. Any addiction is when bad things happen to you because of an unhealthy habit, but you are still unable to stop yourself. You could be spending all of your money on in-game purchases, not spending time with your loved ones, experiencing fatigue from too much sitting, etc. With all of these side effects, this addiction can be as serious as a drug addiction if you do not get help.

Treating Gaming Addiction

If you plan on playing any of these games during the year, it is best you know how to play them in a healthy way. You should try to play for no more than an hour each day or every other day. Try not to play so many games where you need to spend money to advance. It is important to let gaming fun instead of letting it take over your health and your life.

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