Workplace stress can incite or increase symptoms of substance abuse disorders. For those who suffer work-related anxiety or depression, stepping away from the job to focus on recovery from substance abuse is a healthy choice. Without the time commitment of a full- or part-time job, however, they may find that they are frequently restless and lonely, making them more susceptible to relapse. To avoid boredom and the risks associated with constant listlessness, people can spend more time exploring passions, starting projects, and pursuing interests without rejoining the workforce.

Potential Pastimes:

  • Volunteer with local organizations
  • Check something off your bucket list
  • Take a vacation to let your mind and spirit heal
  • Dive into your hobby. If you don’t have one, take up a couple of hobbies to find one that you enjoy
  • Set some short-term goals and work toward achieving them
Why Getting Bored can be Dangerous in Recovery

Activities like sex or exercise cause the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to feelings of happiness, as a natural reward for positive behavior. Drugs also cause the brain to release dopamine, but, as the neurotransmitter is released more frequently, the body becomes accustomed to that level of dopamine. Its effects are diminished.

This is what causes addiction; the body craves more of a substance to relive the first drug-induced release of dopamine. During recovery, even the daily activities that cause a dopamine release may seem less exciting compared to the rush felt while under the influence of a substance.

You may seek an experience that parallels the feeling of substance use when bored. While listless, you may turn to dangerous sexual activity, irrational spending, or reckless behavior. Relapse is another huge risk. As long as you are active in your recovery, your chance of suffering from boredom is reduced.

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